UndeadTeds FAQ

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I can't see any UndeadTeds for sale. How do I buy one?

Due to unexpected demand, UndeadTeds are selling extremely fast and unfortunately the store is emptier far more often than I'd like.

Each UndeadTed is hand-made by myself and it is quite a labour-intensive process as I sculpt the skeletal features and organs etc. Once I have cleared the current backlog of custom orders, I hope to have new stock launched every 2-3 days, so please do keep an eye on the store. I would also recommend you follow me on at least one social media service, as I announce all new stock through these channels.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! UndeadTeds can be sent anywhere in the world. Unless of course, your government prohibits the importation of zombiefied teddy bears!

How do I order a custom/bespoke UndeadTed?

Custom orders are currently suspended due to high demand, but don't worry, they will be reopened soon. Followers on any of my social media channels will be updated when this happens.

I live outside the UK. Why can't I send you my own bear to maim?

Unfortunately, some bears have been caught by customs as they enter the country and this has incurred additional tax and handling fees. I can't absorb these extra costs and am not happy asking customers to pay extra after they've already ordered their UndeadTed, thus I no longer offer this option.

I want to order lots of UndeadTeds, how do I do this?

If you'd like to make a wholesale order, please send me an email with your requirements. However, due to current high demand, I am giving priority to stocking the shop, so I may not be able to commit to large orders at this time.

Are UndeadTeds suitable for children?

No, please don't give your UndeadTed to a child. They are not suitable for rough handling and contain small parts. Please enjoy your UndeadTed as a responsible adult.

How do I take care of my UndeadTed?

UndeadTeds are best left to themselves wherever possible (they might try and bite if you get too close!), but if they do get a bit dirty, then a very gentle pat with a damp cloth will suffice. Please don't ever put them in the washing machine!

I work for a media organisation, are you interested in being interviewed or featured?

Absolutely! Please feel free to get in touch by email at phillip@undeadteds.com

What else do you do besides make UndeadTeds?

First and foremost, I am an illustrator and I welcome commissions. Please take a look at my main site Biro-Art.Com to view my full portfolio. I also run a web-comic at Odd-Fish.Net, however this is currently on hiatus.

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