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Customer Feedback

The Army has begun!
My boyfriend bought my original one back in March for my birthday & I have gotten him one now as well! Both arrived safely in SoCal & now our little UndeadTed army is starting to grow! We're expecting two more!
Mike & Jenn
Inland Empire CA
Mini man No2. arrived safely. Love him but they need a Daddy!!
Berks, UK
My Undead Ted arrived! That was super fast! I LOOOVVVEEE him! Cheers Phillip, you are the master..
Ty phillips my ted got home safe !! Already cant wait for my other one :) ill be keeping u busy for sure nice work , shipping was fast quality of product is amazing !!
Just the Best
I have coverted an Undead Ted for some time now - Hubby managed to snag me one for my Birthday, its absolutley the best Birthday Present EVER. He also got me a custom slot - I plagued the life out of Phil and gave him quite specific requirements, which he checked back with me and advised it was
Lyn Guile
Cheshire UK
Thank you. Got the undead Ted through today my mum was really happy with it :)
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