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Customer Feedback

I absolutely love my Undead Ted! You can tell that he was made with love and care.
Illinois, US
Omg....a parcel turned up today and it was a graduation undeadted my husband had ordered... Was so surprised it looks amazing she came with her own meal lol.. nice touch Phillip, love the certificate as well
Thank you so much, our Undead Ted will make a fab mascot for the office :)
Pulp Horror Clothing
Northants, UK
Undead Ted made it safely all the way to Illinois. Thank you.
Illinois, USA
Hey there Phillip, the family is all together with the expecting of the little one with the hatchet. Love from the Kohnhorst fam.
Maria & Jason
My Bear arrived safely, and i love her! (Yes it's a girl :D) Thank You!!
West Sussex, UK
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