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Customer Feedback

Ty phillips my ted got home safe !! Already cant wait for my other one :) ill be keeping u busy for sure nice work , shipping was fast quality of product is amazing !!
Just picked up my Axe wound Ted from the Post Office... I am in absolute love! Thanks so much and keep the Teds coming!
New Jersey, US
Received my Hello Kitty today. Incredible work, I do not dare turn my back to him!
Auxonne, France
My boyfriend received his Undead Panda about a week ago - all being said, travel to an APO, and then to Afghanistan took a little over 2 weeks. Thanks so much Phil!
The Army has begun!
My boyfriend bought my original one back in March for my birthday & I have gotten him one now as well! Both arrived safely in SoCal & now our little UndeadTed army is starting to grow! We're expecting two more!
Mike & Jenn
Inland Empire CA
Brain Munching Koala!
My beyond words Brain Munching Koala came this morning (on my birthday!) He is perfection Koala-zombiefied. I cannot express my happiness. Thank you so much!
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