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Customer Feedback

Thanks Philip, girlfriend loves it but is also equally grossed out by its gruesomeness.
Ulster, Ireland
i survived long enough to buy another undead ted!
cheers for sending me my new undead ted, which i bought on the last launch August 2014 and he looks amazing. i've introduced him to the other one i've got and i'm hoping they get on with each other and no fights break out or anything worse. the two of them are located on my bookshelf, looking
steve johnson
Ted stopped being undead
My bear came to life and now resides in the foothills of east Tennessee. Beware.... cursed bears.
Mr. Blackman- I just recevied my Heartbreaker Undead Ted. It's AWESOME and they are even better in person! Thank you so much! :)
Georgia, USA
Undead Ted Wreaks Havoc in Illinois
Well, my Undead Ted must have been restless, stuck in the shipping box for 18 days, because as soon as I opened it, he pounced on my neck! I threw him to the floor where he started chasing the 2 cats, trying to eat one of them. Fortunately, I had a spare cattle prod in anticipation of his arriva
The Army has begun!
My boyfriend bought my original one back in March for my birthday & I have gotten him one now as well! Both arrived safely in SoCal & now our little UndeadTed army is starting to grow! We're expecting two more!
Mike & Jenn
Inland Empire CA
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