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Customer Feedback

i survived long enough to buy another undead ted!
cheers for sending me my new undead ted, which i bought on the last launch August 2014 and he looks amazing. i've introduced him to the other one i've got and i'm hoping they get on with each other and no fights break out or anything worse. the two of them are located on my bookshelf, looking
steve johnson
Received Ted Today
Received him today in perfect condition ... Amazing workmanship and super fast shipping. Hope he didn't catch cold on the way.....
Oshawa, Canada
Brought on Sunday, Delivered on Tuesday. Absolutely laughed my butt off when I opened the box. Such great attention to detail. Gonna make a great birthday gift for my baby nephew

Love it!
I was given funds for my birthday. This is all I wanted, and waited until I could buy one! The quality is top notch, and mine sits in a trophy case made for a basketball( the case is the perfect size for the Undead Ted)
Got him today and love it. Now want more!
Berks, UK
My Undead Ted made it safe to New York and I love him!! Can't wait to get more to add some friends for him!!
New York
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