UndeadTeds Tracker

Ever wondered if one of your neighbours is harbouring an UndeadTed? Interested to know just how far the infection has spread? Check out our snazzy tracker where you can see every UndeadTed that was purchased through this website, eBay and Etsy. Click on the full-screen button below the zoom tools to enjoy the map in all its glory and use the geolocation button to zoom straight to where you are (location services must be enabled on your device).

Of course, this map just shows where an UndeadTed first settled, some may have moved on and infected others….. They could be anywhere. 😉

Clusters of UndeadTeds are colour coded as follows: EpidemicLarge-Scale InfectionLocalised Outbreak

Individual markers highlight isolated cases.

Zooming in will split the clusters and reveal individual locations. If you find a cluster that doesn’t split, there are multiple UndeadTeds at that location! Clicking a bear marker will reveal the name of the UndeadTed. Can you find yours?

Map is updated monthly. Last update: October 2017
[mapsmarker layer=”3″]


For customer privacy, the map zoom level is limited. If, however, your UndeadTed is on this map and you would prefer it wasn’t, please get in touch using the contact form and it will be removed straight away.