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Small Batch On The Way!

Apologies for the short notice, but there will be a few Undeadteds available for sale this evening at 9pm GMT+1, including one which was bought in error during the last launch (that’s the unfortunate fellow pictured here).

I’d also like to apologise profusely for the website issues that occurred last time. It seems the shiny new e-commerce software is rather heavy on resources and coupled with the increased traffic after advertising the new look, our hosting package reached its limits.

I have once again enlisted the technical skills of the missus and the site is now being hosted on a beefy new server. Hopefully things will go smoothly this time, though I’m sure you can understand why I’ll be a bag of nerves until 9pm has come and gone without a hitch! 😀

I am currently in the process of making several UndeadTeds that were oversold from the last batch, hence the smaller batch today. Did you know that the Cannibal Karma was particularly popular and I’m having to make another FOUR to fulfil orders? 😀

See you this evening!


    • Hi Marie, I’m afraid Peek-a-Boos aren’t available at the moment, but I hope to offer them again soon.

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