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The Tracker returns!

If you’ve been following UndeadTeds for a loooong time, you may remember the shop featured an interactive map that showed the location of every UndeadTed ever sold. Unfortunately, it was difficult to maintain as each order had to be manually geocoded and imported – sadly it was retired after just one year.

I’ve received several requests to bring it back over the last 8 years, so with the recent refresh of the website I decided to give it another try. I was thrilled to find it’s now much easier to update, and the missus has kindly spent the last couple of days designing the map and importing all 4500+ (gulp!) orders.

So once again, you can see just how far the epidemic has spread. Why not pop over and take a look – you may well find there’s an UndeadTed hanging out in your back yard!

The map will be updated monthly, so keep your eyes peeled for an outbreak near you!