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UndeadTeds Galleries

With almost 5000 UndeadTeds in existence, this curated selection of galleries showcases the best examples of UndeadTeds created over the last decade!

Classic UndeadTeds

The most iconic designs, still in production today. While everything here has already been sold, expect to see similar UndeadTeds back in the shop regularly. The Vintage gallery showcases some of the earliest UndeadTeds ever made!

Special Editions and Custom Orders

These UndeadTeds were either created as one-offs, made as private commissions, or are/were available as semi-customs. Special Editions are often sold via eBay, customs can be requested here and semi-customs are periodically in the shop.


UndeadTeds themed merch for the hardcore fans and anyone looking for an alternative gift! Currently most merch is unavailable, but some new items will be added soon!