Infect-a-Ted (Made To Order)


Infect-a-Teds are back! Now you can order your favourite UndeadTed and it will be made just for you!

Brain Collector & Cannibal Karma Infect-a-Teds now available!


*** Please read the full description below before ordering. ***

Clear selection

All Infect-a-Teds will be shipped approx 4 weeks from order placement. Please do not purchase if you need your order any earlier.

Please do not request any extras or changes from the default styles. Unfortunately, any such orders will have to be cancelled and refunded.

Simply choose from the selection of styles shown below and what colour bear and eyes you would like. Please remember that all UndeadTeds are one-of-a-kind and I use a variety of plushes, so yours will not be identical to the ones shown below.

Gut Muncher

Exposed jaws
Flesh torn from one paw
Snacking on a bear
(complementary colour)

Brain Collector

Partially exposed skull
Holding multiple brains
May be sitting or standing

Eyeball Eater

Snarling jaws
Flesh torn from one paw
Feasting on eyeballs
Halloween pumpkin pot

Cannibal Karma

Partially exposed skull
Visible rib cage
Being feasted upon by small bear
(complementary colour)


Head Biter

Exposed maxilla
Flesh torn from one paw
Snacking on a bear
(complementary colour)

Bloody Valentine

Exposed ribs
Holding heart aloft


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