Custom UndeadTeds

A custom UndeadTed is created just for you, to your exact specification! I can take any plush (teddy bear or otherwise!) and infect it. Have a look at the Customs Showcase to get an idea of what you can order.

You may want something totally unique, or a character plush (which I don’t offer in my regular shop), or even just a “regular” UndeadTed without joining the mad rush of launch days.


I don’t convert plushes into other characters. This is something I have done in the past but is very time-consuming and not a service I currently offer. Peek-a-Boo UndeadTeds cannot be ordered as customs. I also do not make costumes (however I can use one that already exists).


Custom UndeadTeds start from £175 plus shipping. Most orders for regular plush UndeadTeds will be this price, but character plushes and anything unusual may be higher. I will give you a final price in my initial reply to your custom request.

How do I order a custom UndeadTed?

I operate a waiting-list system for all custom orders. After filling in the form below, I will be in touch to confirm the cost of your custom and, if necessary, clarify any details. If you are happy to proceed, your name will be placed on the waiting list and you will be informed of your place in the queue. If my list is clear, your order can be taken straight away. Payment will not be taken until I am ready to start the order preparation stage, which is roughly 4 weeks before production starts.

*** The estimated time on the waiting list is currently 2-3 months. ***

All custom orders are completed on a fixed schedule, which works as follows:

  1. Between the 5th – 15th of every month, I contact customers at the top of the waiting list to arrange payment.
  2. The following month, production begins on orders for these customers. Most orders will be completed by the end of that month.

Please note these important points before asking to go on the waiting list:

  1. If you no longer want a custom UndeadTed, please let me know as soon as possible so I can offer the space to another customer.
  2. The amount of customers I contact each month depends on the complexity of the individual requests. I will only take on orders that can be completed the following month.
  3. If you have ordered a character bear or something else very specific, there may be a further delay between payment and order completion. This is because I occasionally need to order plushes from abroad. I will try to anticipate this in advance wherever possible and keep you advised, but cannot make guarantees.
  4. I will happily update you on your queue position on request, but I cannot tell you exactly which month your name will come up.
  5. If you are purchasing a custom UndeadTed as a gift or for a special occasion, please ensure your name is on the waiting list as early as possible.

Ready to request a custom UndeadTed?

Please fill in the form below. I will be in touch to let you know if I can fulfil your request and the final cost. Following your approval, you will be assigned a place in the queue.

For all general enquiries, please get in touch here.

Custom Enquiry