Buyers Guide

Since UndeadTeds began, several other makers of zombie teddy bears have appeared. There has previously been confusion over goods as to whether or not they are officially endorsed by myself, so I’d like to offer a few guidelines on how to ensure you are buying a genuine UndeadTed.

First and foremost, there are no authorised resellers of UndeadTeds anywhere in the world. If you see something advertised as an UndeadTed that does not comply with the information below, it is not a genuine UndeadTed.


UndeadTeds are sold exclusively under the UndeadTeds trademark which is registered in multiple countries in Europe and the Americas and are made exclusively by myself, Phillip Blackman here in the UK.


UndeadTeds are available for sale on the following websites only: – Official Website (that’s here!) (and associated country-specific eBay sites) – trading as: undeadteds – trading as: undeadteds, but this account is not currently in use.

UndeadTeds is officially represented on the following social media channels only: – username: UndeadTeds – username: @UndeadTeds – username @NobbyNobody (my personal account) – username: undeadteds – username undeadteds

Please note that all eBay listings/auctions are announced on my official Facebook and Twitter channels.


From time to time, genuine second-hand UndeadTeds will become available for sale via whichever platform the existing owner wishes to use. If you are in doubt as to the authenticity of such goods, please ask the seller for the Specimen Number (if not already specified) and then contact me with the details. I keep a record of all UndeadTeds ever made and will be able to confirm whether it is genuine or not.


Some other makers of zombie teddy bears are selling their products at much lower prices, which can understandably lead to the question of whether or not it’s worth paying extra for mine. In addition, I understand how frustrating it can be when UndeadTeds sell out quickly, especially if you have been after one for some time or need one for a special occasion. Here are a few key reasons why I feel genuine UndeadTeds are worth waiting and paying a bit extra for.

  • I pride myself on creating extremely high quality products using premium tools and materials and utilise my formal training in theatrical special effects to achieve this.
  • The purchase of an UndeadTed is backed up by excellent customer service – you may return your UndeadTed for a full, no quibble refund if not happy and I will fix any damage on delivery at my own expense (including return postage costs worldwide)
  • All UndeadTeds are securely packaged and sent fully insured on a tracked and/or signed-for service.
  • I do not hide behind an anonymous username, I am a legitimate businessman registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs in the UK.

After selling over 1000 UndeadTeds, here are a few statistics that may be of interest:

  • There has been just 1 unwanted customer return of an UndeadTed.
  • Only 2 UndeadTeds have arrived damaged. They were returned, fixed and promptly delivered back to the customer.
  • Only 1 UndeadTed has gone missing while in the postal system. The customer was offered a replacement or full refund. He chose the former.
  • 1 UndeadTed has been returned by the postal service as uncollected by the customer. The customer was fully refunded (minus postage).
  • Occasionally UndeadTeds oversell. Customers are always offered a replacement (where possible) or an immediate refund. Only 3 have chosen the refund option.
  • Around 10% of customers take the time to leave a positive testimonial on the website.