Frequently Asked Questions

Why is everything sold out?

If this is your first time visiting, you may be wondering why nothing appears to be for sale. What kind of shop has nothing for sale! Allow me to explain…..

I hand-make all UndeadTeds and each one takes many hours of precision work. It takes me around 10-14 days to complete a batch of between 12-18 UndeadTeds which are then released into the shop. However, due to their popularity, UndeadTeds sell out extremely fast – often in less than 20 minutes!  This means that there is no stock available most of the time.

So how can I buy an UndeadTed?

There are two ways to catch yourself an UndeadTed:

  1. Visit the shop as soon as a batch is launched or pre-orders are made available. I always announce in advance when this will happen, via social media, the newsletter, and directly on the shop homepage using a countdown.
  2. Place a custom order. These are priced higher than shop stock and there is generally a long lead-time due to high demand, but you get to have an UndeadTed made to your exact specification – you can take the simplest route and just ask for for me to recreate one of the signature designs I’ve already made, or you can tailor your order right down to the eye colour. It’s entirely up to you!
  3. Purchase an Infect-a-Ted. These are semi-customs which I make available once or twice a month and are made-to order. They have an approximate 4-6 week lead-time.

Very occasionally, I list UndeadTeds on eBay or run a giveaway. These are always promoted in the newsletter and via social media channels.

You may see items advertised as UndeadTeds elsewhere. Please check the Buyer’s Guide to ensure you are buying a genuine UndeadTed.

Do you ship worldwide?

UndeadTeds can be sent almost anywhere in the world. Unless of course, your government prohibits the importation of zombiefied teddy bears! Some countries are restricted as I am unable to send UndeadTeds via insured and trackable means at a reasonable cost – please check the approved Country List before attempting to place an order.

Can I send you my own bear to maim?

This was a service I offered very briefly in early 2013. Unfortunately, some bears from customers outside of the UK were caught by customs as they entered the country and this incurred additional tax and handling fees. I can’t absorb these extra costs and am not happy asking customers to pay extra after they’ve already ordered their UndeadTed, thus I no longer offer this option.

I want to place a wholesale order or become a reseller, how do I do this?

Due to current high demand, I am giving priority to stocking the shop followed by individual custom orders, so I cannot commit to large orders at this time. Sorry about that.

Are UndeadTeds suitable for children?

No, please don’t give your UndeadTed to a child. They are not suitable for rough handling and contain small parts which could provide a choking hazard. Please enjoy your UndeadTed as a responsible adult.

How do I take care of my UndeadTed?

UndeadTeds are best left to themselves wherever possible (they might try and bite if you get too close!), but if they do get a bit dirty, then a very gentle pat with a damp cloth will suffice. Please don’t ever put them in the washing machine!

Some customers have asked how best to display their UndeadTed. I don’t have any personal recommendations, but apparently they look great in trophy cases!

Who is behind UndeadTeds and how did it start?

My name is Phillip Blackman, I live in the UK in the beautiful Suffolk countryside with my wife Rebecca and our two young sons.

I create all the UndeadTeds myself and respond to emails and message on social media. Rebecca maintains the website and takes care of preparing and packing orders.

My educational background is in art & design, with particular interest and specialism in illustration and special effects (not necessarily at the same time). In 2009, while chatting with Rebecca about what to buy for the newborn baby of a close friend, she suggested a teddy bear. Except, she had a cold at the time and it came out as deady bear! My imagination was caught and I spent the next few months thinking about zombie teddy bears, however with a newborn baby of our own, the idea soon got put to the back of the shelf.

In 2012, I began making prototypes and testing the water with friends and then customers. In January 2013, UndeadTeds went viral and the rest as they say, is history.

I work for a media organisation, are you interested in being interviewed or featured?

Absolutely! Please feel free to get in touch by email at